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Our Services

Our managers, technical experts and paralegals work tirelessly with in-house and external legal teams and LPOs to provide integrated solutions for any e-discovery challenge. Telesto offers end-to-end e-discovery services which can be packaged and delivered in a combination that suits your specific requirements.

Telesto Service Advantages

Telesto operates on an arms-length basis to Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Australia’s leading independent law firm. Operating for over 20 years, Corrs’ Legal Technology Solutions group are recognised in Australia and internationally as one of the most sophisticated, effective and innovative e-discovery groups in the world.

Telesto brings their leading technology and expertise to the wider market, offering the opportunity for all to access and reap the benefits of Corrs LTS’s top tier technology.

No two matters are the same.

By offering innovative concepts as practical e-discovery solutions, Telesto provides a complete end-to-end e-discovery solution.

Our unique combination of services ensures that we can create a package that suits your specific requirements.

Telesto’s custom-made solutions are available to you at no extra cost.

When combined with the power of the cloud, Telesto’s innovative processes deliver fast, reliable and low cost processing of data.

All data is stored entirely in Australia on Amazon Web Services, and we apply premium 256 bit encryption in upload, transit and use.

Our combination of cloud computing and cloud storage means we’re able to provide access to your documents faster.

Our flexible prices give you more control over the storage of your data so you can easily store, archive and extract your documents whenever you need.

We understand your environment and the importance of keeping costs low, which is why our pricing is affordable and transparent.

Our Services


With decades of experience in the legal technology industry our team have the experience, expertise and industry knowledge to advise you on all stages of the e-discovery cycle. Our consulting experts apply best-practice, proven methodologies to deliver e-discovery solutions.

Our dedicated team advise on all aspects of the e-discovery cycle including:

  • Protocols; drafting, reviewing and advising on solid, compliant protocols
  • Collection of Data;
  • Data Processing; litigation ready documents above and beyond industry standard
  • Analysis and Review; proven review methodologies and sophisticated analytics
  • Production; developed policies and procedures to ensure compliant exchange of data
  • Case Support; bespoke tools and specialised staff supporting all aspects of case preparation

Focused on your outcomes, Telesto works collaboratively with you through the e-discovery journey.

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Data Processing

Leveraging the power of cloud, Telesto securely processes data at extreme speed. Our unique processing setup means your data is available for review on your preferred platform sooner and our unique pricing allows greater market access to top-tier services.

Our standard processing service includes:

  • De-duplication of data
  • Assignment of unique document IDs
  • Extraction of container files (emails, compressed files etc.)
  • Extraction and individual reference of attachments
  • Extraction of metadata (file type, date, title, parties etc.)
  • Generation of text searchable and stamped PDF versions of documents

All Telesto client data is processed in-house, on our secure VPN on Australian shores.

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Data Hosting

Telesto securely hosts your data in Amazon Web Services’ Cloud which boasts first-tier scalable computing services and industry leading disaster recovery and holds it on infrastructure within Australia. Databases are backed-up every 15 minutes and is encrypted in upload, transit and use.

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Review and Analyse Data

Telesto enables you to access, search and review your data on either Telesto’s or your own preferred review platform. Telesto uses EDT and FTI’s Ringtail.

EDT Software delivers a single platform to ingest, analyse, review and export documents. Telesto offers EDT’s full suite of discovery tools which are perfect for early case assessment, fast culls and simple reviews.

FTI’s Ringtail is a market leading discovery and document management platform which features structured review workflows, advanced analytical tools and technology assisted review (predictive coding).

  • Review Platform
    Telesto use FTIs Ringtail, an industry leading discovery platform for document management, review and production. Ringtail gives users the ability to search, review, tag and comment against documents as necessary. Telesto’s industry-leading processes, coupled with Ringtail’s structured review workflows, analytical tools and technology assisted review (predictive coding) deliver our clients with an unparalleled document management service.
  • Ringtail Predictive Coding
    Telesto incorporates artificial intelligence into our document reviews to reduce the number of documents requiring traditional review and identify relevant documents sooner. Ringtail’s predictive coding allows for an individual to teach a computer what is and what isn’t relevant to a specific matter. The computer considers the individuals teachings and applies this logic to a broader document set via a positive/negative scoring system.
  • Ringtail Analytics
    Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data; a concept that proves highly valuable when applied to large scale documents review.

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Early Case Assessment and Data Analysis

Telesto’s sophisticated Early Case Assessment (ECA) and analytics enable us to analyse and significantly reduce large volumes of data.

The benefits of reducing data volumes prior to a document review include:

  • Reduced Costs. With less data, the electronic processing phase is expedited.
  • Higher Relevance Ratio. Refining the data at the electronic processing phase ensures that legal team time is concentrated on relevant documents, yielding a higher relevance ratio.
  • Lower Data Hosting Costs. Minimising the amount of data uploaded for document review will minimise data hosting charges.
  • Improved cost estimates, review planning and resourcing. Having a clear understanding of data allows for this.

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Paralegal Services

Telesto offers onshore and offshore paralegal services, including on and off premises paralegal reviews, and the services of a legal process outsourcing company. We employ high-calibre paralegals who provide quality support during large scale reviews, preparing cases and identifying potentially relevant and privileged material. Our paralegals are all legally trained and have either completed or are in their final year of legal studies.

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Bespoke e-discovery Tools

Telesto’s bespoke innovations equip teams with collaborative tools designed to accelerate and streamline the review and case preparation stages of e-discovery.

  • Case Prep
    Case Prep is a secure online workspace where lawyers, counsel and clients can collaborate on a matter in real time, access direct links to relevant documents, key metrics and reports, and quickly create chronologies. Case Prep is designed to make it easier for all parties to a matter to work in a document at the same time, delivering a significant competitive advantage for clients.It provides tools to help manage overlapping complex issues efficiently while still keeping track of the overall progress of a matter. Because all work is created within the Ringtail platform, the need to deal with document version controls is eliminated. CasePrep allows the speedy creation of statements, witness bundles, tender bundles and cross examination bundles. Its speed, smarts and efficiencies deliver a significant competitive advantage to Telesto’s clients.
    CASEFOLIO™ is an iPad application for mobile document review. Designed for use by lawyers in courts, mediations, arbitrations and conferences, it is now routinely used by barristers, in-house lawyers and practitioners at all sized firms to help manage complex litigations and other document intensive matters.CASEFOLIO™ puts thousands of pages of case documents at a lawyer’s fingertips and enables them to review, search, annotate and tag documents in a secure way, as well as locate specific information quickly and conveniently. It can be used for briefing counsel, providing document bundles to clients, and supporting lawyers in court and with clients.

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Hardcopy collection/processing

Telesto can undertake a preliminary analysis of hardcopy material and compile instructions for outsourcing processing to litigation support bureaus. Telesto hold support bureaus to a very high standard, ensuring our clients benefit from the best quality product for the best possible price.

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Document Production

Telesto appreciates the sensitivities associated with the disclosure of client material, especially when handling privileged, confidential or redacted documents. Our developed policies and procedures minimise document exchange risk. Not only will we ensure that data is exchanged in a format that adheres to document exchange protocols, but Telesto can assist in preparing and reviewing exchange protocols between opposing parties.

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Data Rooms

Telesto offers a collaborative and secure data room platform where documents and data can be reviewed in real time by multiple parties. Our data room specialists have significant experience in providing complex virtual data room services including major transactions for government, public and private sales, mergers and acquisitions, restructures and joint ventures.

Telesto’s data room solution delivers a powerful tool at competitive prices.

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