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Corrs Chambers Westgarth spins out start-up called Telesto

Australian Financial Review, 9 April 2018

Law Firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth is leading the push from the big tier practice into the technology space, becoming the first in the country to spin out its own start-up. The law firm has created e-discovery and forensic technology start-up called Telesto, which utilises Amazon Web Service’s cloud computing services it claims significantly speed up the document discovery process.

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Aussie law firm launches e-discovery start-up

Australasian Lawyer, 11 April 2018

A new name in e-discovery has been launched by Corrs Chambers Westgarth. Telesto will operate as a separate business from the law firm but was created by its Legal Technology Solutions Group and will benefit from Corrs’ innovations and expertise in the sector.

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One of Australia's largest independent law firms launched a new tech start-up on Tuesday, via its legal technology solutions group

Lawyers Weekly, 12 April 2018

Corrs Chambers Westgarth announced Telesto, which is described as “a new force in e-discovery cost-effectively bringing top-tier legal expertise and the latest advances in e-discovery and forensic technology and investigations”.

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Aussie law firm launches e-discovery start-up

IDM, 13 April 2018

Corrs Chambers Westgarth has launched an independent e-discovery services company based on a cloud platform developed by its Legal Technology Solutions Group on Amazon Web Services

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Telesto - A ground-breaking e-discovery and forensic technology platform

Telesto, a new force in e-discovery cost-effectively bringing top-tier legal expertise and the latest advances in e-discovery and forensic technology and investigations to the Australian market.

An Australian-based start-up, Telesto has been created by Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Australia’s leading independent law firm, via its market-leading Legal Technology Solutions Group. Operating independently from Corrs, Telesto benefits from the ongoing innovations and legal and technical expertise developed at the top-tier law firm.

What sets Telesto apart is its ability to apply the unique expertise gained by Corrs running some of Australia’s largest matters combined with the effective and secure use of cloud computing and cloud storage to process documents for discovery with the incredible speed that only cloud computing can provide. It can also securely and inexpensively store the documents to be used however and whenever required.

Telesto’s offering is for clients looking for practical approaches, cost effectiveness and quick turnaround times in their matters. Telesto offers a modular approach to how its range of services can be provided. Its standalone services can be handpicked by clients to match their needs – complementing either in-house or external law firm capacity – or combined for a complete end-to-end package.

Telesto provides a complete e-discovery solutions and services, including e-discovery consulting, forensic preservation and acquisition, processing data for use in e-discovery, early case assessment, advanced analytics, technology-assisted review (predictive coding), paralegal review and document production.

“The legal market in Australia and globally has been calling for an e-discovery solution that not only takes advantage of the rapid developments in cloud computing, but passes on the speed and cost benefits of cloud computing and ever advancing technology to clients”, according to Telesto Founder, Consultant and Corrs Partner, Michael do Rozario said.

“Structurally, it is clear that e-discovery should continually get cheaper but that is not often the experience in the market. Much of this comes down to the dominance of the one-size-fits-all model offered by e-discovery providers and technology platforms.

“Telesto’s cloud-based solutions bring down the costs of e-discovery and forensic technology in matters, internal document reviews and investigations. Telesto can handle litigation and inquiry matters o fany size and gives clients access to experts who are at the cutting edge of the global e-discovery market and world class technology.”

Telesto Director Brian Borskjaer said: “From collection to review, court production and storage, we can provide clients cost effective solutions. Our services are flexible, customised to the needs of the matter and the client and, because our solutions are cloud-native, they are extremely fast, secure and highly cost effective.

“Most importantly, we are uniquely positioned to provide clients with a top-tier forensic and e-discovery end-to-end solution that is often lacking in the e-discovery market. Phil Magness is one of Australia’s leading forensic technologists and is able to assist clients to acquire electronic data from computer systems, surveillance systems and all types of portable and mobile devices. He is backed up by a team of experienced legal technologists with decades of experience in the e-discovery market.”

1.5 million Documents reduced to 200,000 documents uploaded to the review platform

Telesto received 1.5 million documents that required processing onto a review platform. During processing, the technical team applied early case assessment tools reducing the set by 85%, saving the client on processing and hosting costs.

The team’s vast experience in this area and ability to apply the right sophisticated analytic tools further reduced the documents set leaving a total review set of 150,000 documents. The collaboration between the technical and legal team resulted in a document set that was highly relevant before a single document was considered by the review team. Following review of the 150,000 documents, 70% were identified as being relevant, an impressively high relevance rate. Telesto is invested in the outcome of data processing and offers an end-to-end service, working with clients through every stage for the best outcome.

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Discovery using predictive coding and data analytics

Swiftly processed and reviewed large volumes of data within budget and more rapidly than the opposition, allowing the legal team to focus on case preparation rather than discovery. The technical team received close to 5 million documents, applying sophisticated data analytic tools the set was reduced to less than 1 million to be processed onto the Ringtail review platform. Further analysis within Ringtail resulted in 150,000 potentially relevant documents requiring review.

Utilising predictive coding the legal team was able to satisfy their discovery obligations by reviewing only approximately 50,000 documents. The result was outstanding, the team’s acumen significantly reduced the time spent on the discovery process as well as the cost of processing and hosting the large volume of data.

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Artificial Intelligence assisting in document review

A Telesto client faced a review of over 6 million documents, where there was low expectation that traditional early case assessment methods would be successful resulting in the adaptation of Ringtail’s Simple Active Learning Predictive Coding model (SAL).

A small legal team with expert knowledge of the matter reviewed 15,000 documents which were then used to train the model. After this, the document set was reduced to a manageable 150,000 documents. Telesto’s experienced team closely monitored the models development applying data analytics to improve performance and accuracy. The built model was then applied to documents provided by the opposing side to classify their material. Investing in the predictive coding model benefited the team by reducing the document set requiring review and gave them a platform to easily classify the opposing side’s documents.

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Bespoke chronology solution

A large legal team tasked with creating a chronology for over 7000 supporting documents and were overwhelmed with the complexity and inefficiencies of a typical excel or word system. Telesto’s CasePrep tool provided a collaborative platform. CasePrep, our proprietary multi-user platform, provided the team with an efficient chronology tool that also doubled as the perfect method to identify material for disclosure and prepare bundles for expert and witness interviews. CasePrep’s integration with Ringtail allows teams to seamlessly transition from review to case preparation, eliminating the difficulties usually faced with managing a large chronology.

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800,000 emails and attachments processed and available for review in 3 days!

The Telesto team received 800,000 emails and attachments on a Friday evening with instructions to urgently ingest, process and have the documents available for a team of approximately 10 paralegals to review. Telesto ingested all native documents and converted them to text searchable format, ensuring the data was available on the database Sunday evening. The technical team applied advanced technical analytics and conducted extensive searches to reduce the dataset by approximately 35%.

Working with the legal team, Telesto split the responsive documents into two review sets, set up a customised workflow and complex review platform, the paralegal team began their review on Tuesday morning. Telesto’s unique processing power gave the legal team access to critical documents sooner.

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