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Case Studies

Telesto is committed to delivering the results you need. By combining our industry experience, refined methodologies and collaborative and flexible style, we are able to offer unique solutions to your forensic or e-discovery challenges.

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Criminal investigation in relation to a breach of a restraining order

Telesto was engaged to examine the contents of a mobile phone in relation to the defence of charges for offences of assault and breach of a restraining order. Examination of the mobile phone recovered all call records, SMS, Facebook Messenger chats and picture files exchanged between the parties. This included several months’ worth of messages and images that had been deleted and could only be recovered with specialist forensic software.

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Investigation into the loss of valuable intellectual property

Because a Telesto client was concerned over the potential loss of valuable intellectual property following the departure of senior management to a competitor organisation, our forensics team was retained to examine a laptop computer during a workplace relations investigation.

We were able to provide a detailed report on the subjects’ activity covering a 3-month period. Our investigation covered what files had been accessed, which applications had been run, what websites had been visited and details on what portable storage devices had been connected.  Telesto identified that a smart phone had been backed up to the device for the purposes of synchronising the contents with a new phone.

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1.5 million Documents reduced to 200,000 documents uploaded to the review platform

Telesto received 1.5 million documents that required processing onto a review platform. During processing, the technical team applied early case assessment tools reducing the set by 85%, saving the client on processing and hosting costs.

The team’s vast experience in this area and ability to apply the right sophisticated analytic tools further reduced the documents set leaving a total review set of 150,000 documents. The collaboration between the technical and legal team resulted in a document set that was highly relevant before a single document was considered by the review team. Following review of the 150,000 documents, 70% were identified as being relevant, an impressively high relevance rate. Telesto is invested in the outcome of data processing and offers an end-to-end service, working with clients through every stage for the best outcome.

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Discovery using predictive coding and data analytics

Swiftly processed and reviewed large volumes of data within budget and more rapidly than the opposition, allowing the legal team to focus on case preparation rather than discovery. The technical team received close to 5 million documents, applying sophisticated data analytic tools the set was reduced to less than 1 million to be processed onto the Ringtail review platform. Further analysis within Ringtail resulted in 150,000 potentially relevant documents requiring review.

Utilising predictive coding the legal team was able to satisfy their discovery obligations by reviewing only approximately 50,000 documents. The result was outstanding, the team’s acumen significantly reduced the time spent on the discovery process as well as the cost of processing and hosting the large volume of data.

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Bespoke chronology solution

A large legal team tasked with creating a chronology for over 7000 supporting documents and were overwhelmed with the complexity and inefficiencies of a typical excel or word system. Telesto’s CasePrep tool provided a collaborative platform. CasePrep, our proprietary multi-user platform, provided the team with an efficient chronology tool that also doubled as the perfect method to identify material for disclosure and prepare bundles for expert and witness interviews. CasePrep’s integration with Ringtail allows teams to seamlessly transition from review to case preparation, eliminating the difficulties usually faced with managing a large chronology.

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800,000 emails and attachments processed and available for review in 3 days!

The Telesto team received 800,000 emails and attachments on a Friday evening with instructions to urgently ingest, process and have the documents available for a team of approximately 10 paralegals to review. Telesto ingested all native documents and converted them to text searchable format, ensuring the data was available on the database Sunday evening. The technical team applied advanced technical analytics and conducted extensive searches to reduce the dataset by approximately 35%.

Working with the legal team, Telesto split the responsive documents into two review sets, set up a customised workflow and complex review platform, the paralegal team began their review on Tuesday morning. Telesto’s unique processing power gave the legal team access to critical documents sooner.

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Investigation into the damage of a successful phishing email

A Telesto client had been the victim of a successful phishing email which affected their Office 365 email account. Telesto was retained to assist in identifying the source of the phishing email. Our examination of a laptop computer resulted in limiting the source to IP addresses in a select few countries and included the analysis of the computer memory for evidence of malware infection and a report on what files had been accessed.

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